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YSR Honda Civic EP3 Coilover

YSR Honda Civic EP3 Coilover

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Don't forget we can install and set up your suspension kit including corner weighting and 4 wheel alignment.

DYNAMIC PRO SPORT: Yellow Speed Racing's Dynamic Pro Sport coilovers are designed and developed for all motoring enthusiasts that want excellent handling without sacrificing comfort.

PREMIUM COMPETITION coilovers are designed and developed for use in most motorsports. Through years of competition and testing, we have made uncountable improvements in setup for racing use in order to provide the most durable and competitive damper. Spring rates and shock valving are made for competition to make the vehicle more controlled and balanced.

ADVANCED PRO PLUS is a 2-way and 3-way coilover system with inverted mono tube dampers made for vehicles with MacPherson strut type only. The system allows you to adjust the rebound and compression damping separately. With an external reservoir, this system provides extra oil capacity to dissipate heat well, which allows you to operate these coilovers for long period and improves performance & handling due to more stable variations in damping rates during the high speed driving. The braided hose is utilised to connect the external reservoir through upper mounts; this is ideal to allow for variable mounting locations when the external reservoir is mounted.

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