4 Wheel Alignment, Corner Weighting

I A Motorsport has a computerised 4 wheel laser alignment system with an accuracy of 0.01 degree. This accuracy along with the skill and knowledge that I A Motorsport offer allows the vehicle to be setup to your particular needs.

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We can accommodate:

  • Road
  • Track
  • Drift
  • Drag
  • Or any combination

Below is the usual race setup procedure:

  • Vehicle preparation
  • Base ride height
  • Base 4-wheel alignment 
  • Corner weighting
  • Final 4-wheel alignment 

Carry out a basic suspension check to make sure there are no issues for the work about to go ahead. 

Vehicle prep

Getting the vehicle ready will be both your job and ours. The car will need to be in the condition you want it to handle best in.  Get your required fuel into the car and make sure the wheel and tyre (good tyres) package is the one you'll be using at the track/road. The car needs to be finished and all the weight in the right places. If you have regulations regarding ride height, weights, etc. bring that data along. 

Once we get the car we'll set the tyre pressure to your requirement or we can recommend a tyre pressure for your selected tyre. If you have adjustable dampers well make a note of the current settings and drop them down to minimum so they don't interfere with any adjustments. If you have adjustable anti-roll bar links we'll disconnect one side so preload isn't an issue too.

Base ride height  

Here we'll set the base ride height based on your needs. Resetting any left to right imbalance and potentially adjust rake angle depending on requirements. This gives us the ideal conditions to set the base geometry settings. 

Base 4-wheel alignment 

As camber, caster and toe adjustments generally change the ride height of the car, we need to get some settings close to the final settings on the car before moving on to corner weights. We'll also recheck the ride hights if major adjustments have taken place.

We can work from previous setting that you know work, or if you are new out we can put on some good settings to start with. 

Corner weighting session 

Here we'll use the ride height adjustment (spring preload) to balance the weight distribution to each wheel. Although there can be instances where 'wedge' can be implemented for general track use a 50% cross weight is generally used. 

Final 4-wheel alignment 

Camber, caster and toe should be fairly close but will get that final tweak to make sure. Generally we leave the scales under the car to keep an eye on the corner wights too. 
Dampers will be set back to the original settings or potentially set to half way for you to start tuning. Anti-roll bar links reinstalled and adjusted for zero pre load.

Ready to race!


Corner Weighting

Adjusting the corner weights to balance a vehicle is crucial for overall handling. Weight distribution effects acceleration, braking and cornering.  Whatever you need for any situation we should be able to assist you. After a corner weight session has been carried out you will generally require 4 wheel alignment.

Track side assistance

I A Motorsport also offer track side assistance, assisting in taking data and tuning your vehicle. Data can then later be used to enhance the vehicle wheel alignment.