Road and Race Chassis Preparation

IA Motorsport offers everything you need to get your race car's chassis and body ready for your next race season. Keeping a race car competitive can be a difficult task for anyone. IA Motorsport provides a range of services to help you.

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Roll Cages

Roll cages are one of the most important and mandatory aspects of building a race car. However designing a custom safe and secure but lightweight cage can be a daunting task. IA Motorsport has years of experience in the design, fabrication and installation of roll cages to give you safety and the best chassis rigidity that adheres to regulations using only the best materials. Here we try to stay away from 'ticktack' welding where the trigger is pulled multiple times to make it look pretty, we prefer good penetration full welds.  


Aerodynamics and down force play a big role in the way the car get around the racetrack. IA Motorsport will work with you to make sure that your car has everything needed to create enough down force. Custom diffusers, wings, canards, wind splitter and reinforced bumper subassemblies are a few of the options we have to improve down force.


A properly tuned suspension is invaluable to a race car and it's driver. Selection of the proper suspension components can be a daunting task. IA Motorsport can guide you on what you will require for your application. We can also help in then setup and fine tuning of your suspension system.

Engine Conversions 

V8 in an MX5 or K24 in an S chassis.. made to fit right here.