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Turbosmart Mitsubishi BOV

Turbosmart Mitsubishi BOV

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A direct fit replacement for the factory unit, the Turbosmart Smart Port BOV suits Mitsubishi EVO IV all way up to X. It can handle anything from stock to heavily modified vehicles with upgraded turbochargers.

Smart Port Technology 
The Smart Port is an innovative Blow-Off Valve, combining advanced design with precision CNC machined billet components. The valve works using two staged ports and a one-way valve on the trumpet outlet. This enables the Smart Port BOV to work like both a bypass AND vent to atmosphere valve in one while also eliminating stalling and significantly reducing the chances of low-speed compressor surge. In addition, the Smart Port’s unique lightweight piston is made from aerospace alloy with a military-spec coating, resulting in quicker valve response, better sealing and superior durability. 


Suits Mitsubishi EVO VI-X

Direct fit upgrade for the factory BOV on EVO IV to X 


BOV5 Smartport / Dual Port BOV

Port Blanking Plug so you can switch to bypass if you want fully

Red Spring Rates to -17 to -14 InHg (installed)

Vacuum Hose & Clamps

Turbosmart Sticker

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