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Turbosmart Kompact Valve Suit Mini R56 N14 & N18

Turbosmart Kompact Valve Suit Mini R56 N14 & N18

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Turbosmart’s Kompact EVR06 blow-off valves offer Mini owners the benefits of an aftermarket blow-off valve with the ease of a direct OEM replacement, offering improved boost response, better valve performance and race-proven durability. These new valves fit the 2006-2013 Mini Cooper S and the 2010-2013 Mini Cooper JCW.

Turbosmart’s Kompact EVR06 is a high-performance replacement for the Mini’s standard plastic blow-off valve. Standard plastic bypass valves like those fitted to the Cooper S from the factory struggle to withstand increased boost pressures. Their plastic construction fatigues with the turbo’s heat and eventually cracks.

The Plumb Back is a 100% recirculating valve for quieter operation and stealthy performance.
The Kompact’s billet construction and precision-matched piston ensure excellent boost-holding ability, combined with fast response and unsurpassed durability.

The Kompact kit for the Mini includes a Boost Reference Adapter, which connects to the vehicle’s MAP sensor to obtain a reliable manifold pressure reference, avoiding destructive methods such as tapping into the manifold.

Mini R56 with 1.6L N14 & N18 engines
Peugeot  & Citroen vehicles with Prince engines
Modern Volvo’s with electronic Diverter Valves. 

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