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Toyota Soarer 1J (1991 - 1996) :- 1JZ GTE

Toyota Soarer 1J (1991 - 1996) :- 1JZ GTE

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6 injectors including Injector adapaters and harness adapter looms

All ASNU Performance Injectors have a multi-hole orifice cap, cut using the latest laser technology for greater accuracy and repeatability. Using this technology allows us to produce injectors with specific spray patterns and flow rates to meet the customers' exact requirements. The seven-hole orifice cap that we use in most of our injectors in the lower end of the range (300-1000cc) offer an ideal combination of Fuel Flow, Fuel Distribution and Fuel Atomisation. The seven holes produce smaller fuel droplets that will burn more efficiently, giving more performance and more laps for less fuel. This is a critical factor and should be considered when comparing ASNU injectors to any other Performance injectors.

Fuel suitability

ASNU injectors are designed for operation with gasoline based fuels up to E98, and are able to operate long term on fuels containing MTBE or ETBE. For other fuels such as Methanol-M100, please contact us to discuss suitability, as alternative seals and O-rings may be required.

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