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Radium Venturi Jet Pump Kit

Radium Venturi Jet Pump Kit

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The Radium Engineering Venturi Jet Pump is an effective device for drawing fuel from one side of a fuel tank to the other. Fuel flowing through the venturi creates vacuum in the perpendicular port. The effectiveness of this vacuum is demonstrated in the video above.

OEM jet pumps are commonly found in vehicles with saddle-style fuel tanks (RWD or AWD drivetrains) and are designed for factory fuel pump flow rates. When a higher flowing pump is installed, the factory jet pumps becomes a major restriction in the return line causing high fuel pressure. In some cases drilling out the OEM jet pump can relieve the pressure, but the function of the jet pump is then compromised. The Radium Engineering Jet Pump is designed for high flow aftermarket pumps and includes different venturi orifices to match a wide range of pump flow rates.

NOTE: WHEN INSTALLING, DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE THE OEM VENTURI JET PUMP! The system will NOT work properly if it’s trying to push through the restrictive OEM venturi jet pump.

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