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Radium Quick Fill Dump Can, 6Gal, 1.5In Dry Break

Radium Quick Fill Dump Can, 6Gal, 1.5In Dry Break

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SKU: 20-0697-01

This dump can assembly includes a Radium Engineering dry break probe compatible with 1.5" dry break receptacles. As shown below, the short tube is clear for fuel fill monitoring.
This dump can features knurled aluminum pour and vent caps. And because these unscrew, filling the dump can is a quick efficient process.
As shown above, the vent cap features 6 different fuel type indicators: (UNLEADED, LEADED, METHANOL, ETHANOL, PRE-MIXED, DIESEL). The small knob can be screwed into the appropriate threaded hole to mark the fuel type inside. For slow controlled filling,

1. The plastic pour spout can be cut to suit 2.5" and 3" dry breaks.
2. For maximum flow efficiency, the fuel tank (or fuel cell) should have a large vent (see Radium P/N: 20-0535).

RADIUM Dump Can (dry break) = 19.02gpm (vent cap ON/flip cap open)
RADIUM Dump Can (dry break) = 25.75gpm (vent cap OFF)
GENERIC BRAND X Fuel Jug = 1.86gpm (flip cap open)

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