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Radium Pcv Baffle Plate Only Ford EcoBoost Dtec Mazda MZR

Radium Pcv Baffle Plate Only Ford EcoBoost Dtec Mazda MZR

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SKU: 20-0327-02

Radium Engineering PCV Baffle Plate mounts to the engine block and replaces the factory plastic PCV plate and valve. Compared to the OEM unit, the CNC machined aluminum Radium Engineering PCV plate features an extra baffle to prevent oil sludge from entering the intake system without restricting air flow. Furthermore, there are two 10AN ORB ports machined above both aluminum baffles. 10AN ORB Adapter Fittings can be found HERE

This part includes ONLY the Radium PCV plate and associated baffles and is intended for custom installations. It requires additional parts for complete installation. Custom plumbing for the specific vehicle will need to be configured by the installer. There are two 10AN ORB female ports allowing connection of breathers, catch cans, oil return lines, etc. for highly modified vehicles

The 20-0327-02 baffle plate will bolt-onto a wide range of the following Ford and Mazda engines, but determining what fittings work best is up to the installer: 
2013+ Ford Focus ST EcoBoost
2016+ Ford Focus RS EcoBoost
2015+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost
2013+ Ford Fusion EcoBoost
05-12 Ford Focus Duratec
02-08 Ford Fiesta Duratec
2006+ Ford Fusion Duratec
07-13 Mazda 3 Mps MZR
06-07 Mazda 6 Mps MZR
05-15 Mazda MX-5 MZR

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