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Radium Fuel Rails Toyota 2Gr-Fe

Radium Fuel Rails Toyota 2Gr-Fe

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SKU: 20-0198-02

Radium Engineering Fuel rail Manufactured with 0.69" large internal bores, the Radium Engineering fuel rails can support all necessary engine power requirements. CNC machined aluminum mounting tabs are included for a factory fit and to maintain the original fuel rail height so both OEM or aftermarket equivalent injectors can work. 


-Anodized surface finish for wear and corrosion resistance
-Lighweight aluminum construction
-Inner bore diameter: 0.7 inch 
-Compatible with OEM and aftermarket equivalent fuel injectors
-Can be converted to a pressure regulated return system
-No special tools required for installation
-Fits under the factory intake manifold and engine cover
-Compatible with naturally aspirated and OEM supercharged vehicles

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