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Radium Fuel Rail Plumbing Kit Honda K-Series

Radium Fuel Rail Plumbing Kit Honda K-Series

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SKU: 20-0230-PK

Radium Engineering allows easy connection of a factory feed line. The extended SAE quick connect fitting clears the OEM coolant hose (if equipped). Two plugs are included to plug the other two ports on the fuel rail. The example shown below depicts an optional fuel pulse damper 20-0777 FPD-XR in the center port.

Allows connection of the Radium fuel rail 20-0230-02 to the factory fuel system.
-8AN ORB Male to 5/16" SAE Male Fitting 
-8AN ORB Plug (x2)

Do I need a pulse damper? The opening and closing of the injectors creates pressure pulses in the fuel rail, which can lead to unstable fuel pressure. In order to achieve a safe and consistent rail pressure, pulse damper(s) should be used (especially with high flow injectors). The internal diaphragm will absorb oscillation pulses and stabilize fuel pressure. This correction can be measured throughout the RPM range and can often help an erratic surging idle. 

If equipped, the OEM fuel pulse damper (shown above) can be reused with the Radium 14-0278 adapter fitting.

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