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Radium Fuel Pump Install Kit 96-06 Bmw M3 Pump Not Incl

Radium Fuel Pump Install Kit 96-06 Bmw M3 Pump Not Incl

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For those looking to increase the power output of their BMW, this plug and play (bolt-in) fuel pump replacement solution uses the most popular high performance fuel pumps on the market. No permanent modifications to the fuel system are required for installation of this product.

This item allows the installation of an aftermarket fuel pump into the stock BMW fuel pump hanger. Pump not included.
E46 BMW M3
E36 BMW M3 (OBDII Only)
E36 BMW 3-Series (OBDII Only)

This kit features a 6061-T6 CNC billet aluminum sleeve that slides over the corresponding 39mm aftermarket pump to mimic the larger diameter of the BMW fuel pump. The machined rib snaps into the fuel pump hanger and properly locates the filter sock. 

-Walbro GSS341 255LPH Fuel Pump
-Walbro GSS342 255LPH Fuel Pump
-Walbro F9000262 Gas Fuel Pump
-Walbro F9000267 E85 Fuel Pump
-Walbro F9000273 Gas Fuel Pump
-Walbro F9000274 E85 Fuel Pump
-AEM 50-1000 Gas Fuel Pump
-AEM 50-1200 E85 Fuel Pump
-Aeromotive 340R 11141 Fuel Pump
-Aeromotive 340R 11142 Fuel Pump
-Deatschwerks 9-301-1000 Fuel Pump

The sleeve is designed for 39mm diameter (or DCSS 39/50) pump bodies. For pumps not listed above, measure the outside diameter to ensure it is correct before ordering. If the pump is greater or less than 39mm, this sleeve may not work.
1. For compatible fuel pump filter socks, click HERE.
2. For compatible fuel pump connectors harnesses, click HERE.
3. The Walbro F90000262/273 pump has the same connectors as the OEM BMW pump.
4. Aftermarket pumps can potentially draw more current than what the BMW wiring was designed for. Fortunately, the factory 15A fuel pump fuse provides a safety net. It is a tell-tale to upgrade the corresponding wiring if this fuse ever blows.

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