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Radium Fuel Pump Inlet Filter Sock

Radium Fuel Pump Inlet Filter Sock

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SKU: 14-0143

Radium engineering 65um (micron) pre-filter sock press-fits and uses a safety lock washer. It has been confirmed to work on the following popular in-tank fuel pumps among others:

-Walbro 255 GSS341
-Walbro 255 GSS342
-Walbro F9000262
-Walbro F9000267
-Walbro F9000273
-Walbro F9000274
-Walbro F9000285
-Walbro F9000295
-AEM 50-1000 Gas
-AEM 50-1200 E85
-Aeromotive 340R 11141
-Aeromotive 340R 11142
-Deatschwerks 9-301-1000 

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