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Radium Fuel Pressure Regulator With 3 Bar Bosch Regulator

Radium Fuel Pressure Regulator With 3 Bar Bosch Regulator

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Radium Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) is built around the common OEM Bosch regulator inserts. These Bosch units are found in many applications, including:

-Audi 1.8L Turbo

-Ford Falcon BA, BF, FG XR6 Turbo
-Ford Territory Turbo
-FPV F6 Typhoon Turbo
-Volkswagen 1.8L Turbo

Alternatively, Radium offers two GENUINE Bosch regulator tops: 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) static and 4.0 Bar (58.2 psi) static. These Bosch regulator tops are vacuum referenced with a 1:1 ratio and are NOT adjustable.

The compact Radium Engineering billet aluminum FPR housing provides a convenient package for plumbing and mounting. The regulator top is secured with a stainless steel snap ring and can easily be removed using snap-ring pliers. The two main high pressure ports are threaded for 6AN ORB. The 6AN male return port is integrated into the housing. There is also a 1/8 NPT female port for a gauge, pressure transducer, etc. Each FPR housing is laser etched and anodized for a superior finish.

NOTE: The exact min, static, and max pressures are influenced by the flow rate of the fuel pump being used. These FPRs are tested using a common Walbro 255lph pump. If a higher flowing pump is used, the minimum pressure ratings may be higher than advertised. For applications with more pump flow, consider a high flow fuel pressure regulator.

 **This product is not recommended for fuel pumps with more than 255 LPH (at 3 Bar) rated flow**

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