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Radium Fuel Hanger Feed Bmw Microglass Filter

Radium Fuel Hanger Feed Bmw Microglass Filter

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SKU: 20-0475-05

Radium Fuel Hanger Feed
A -8AN PTFE fuel feed line secures to the FHST outlet, as shown below. The fuel line clears the OEM fuel pump cover and all suspension related parts. No cutting or drilling is required. This kit is NOT compatible with the M3.

The PTFE hose is routed underneath the vehicle and sent to a Radium Engineering fuel filter secured to the body using OEM hardware

From there, a SAE quick connect fitting is provided to reattach the OEM N54/N55 fuel line.

Depending on the kit selected (-03,-05), the fuel filter will be assembled with 1 of 2 different elements.

-Fuel Filter (-01 Cellulose, -03 Stainless, or -05 Microglass)
-Fuel Filter Billet Clamp 
-BMW Fuel Filter Mount
-Black Adapter Fittings
-Stainless Steel Hardware

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