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Radium Fuel Filter Mount Mazda Fd Rx7

Radium Fuel Filter Mount Mazda Fd Rx7

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SKU: 20-0448

Mounting bracket and hardware for installing a Radium Engineering fuel filter on the rear subframe of the FD RX-7. Filter sold separately.

The OEM fuel filter on these vehicles is very difficult to service. This kit however, mounts the fuel filter in an easily accessible area on the rear subframe. The mounts feature cooling fins that benfit from the cool air flow in this area. This helps lower the heat generated by high current, high pressure fuel pump(s)

There are many variables for plumbing the fuel filter including. However, one thing that will be necessary are 90 degree fittings on both ends of the filter.

For reference, the following fittings are shown in the picture above for an aftermarket setup:
(2x) 20-1000-1008 10AN ORB Swivel Banjo to 8AN Male
(2x) 14-0207 PushLok Hose End, 8AN, 45Deg

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