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Radium Fuel Filter Kit, Stainless, 100 Micron

Radium Fuel Filter Kit, Stainless, 100 Micron

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SKU: 20-0220-04

The Radium Engineering universal fuel filter is a perfect match for any application needing high flow and industry-leading filtration.  Radium Engineering uses one of the largest filtration elements in the industry. This translates into a long service life and minimum flow loss, making this filter perfect for high-horsepower applications. The filter can be completely disassembled for servicing and replacement elements are available. Stainless steel mesh elements can be cleaned and re-used, while the Microglass element must be replaced at the end of it's service life. The filter is designed for EFI fuel pressures and can be safely used on a high pressure fuel feed line.

The fuel filter is constructed with a 3 piece body that is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and Type-II anodized for maximum corrosion resistance. The end caps are sealed to the body with FKM O-rings.

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