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Radium Fpr-D, Fuel Pressure Regulator-Damper

Radium Fpr-D, Fuel Pressure Regulator-Damper

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SKU: 20-0528-01

Radium Engineering Fuel Pressure Regulator-Damper (FPR-D) is the ultimate solution for consolidating critical fuel system components into a high-flow package. It is a fully functional high performance pressure regulator with a unique built-in fuel pulse damper, an industry first.
1. The FPR-D is compatible with all gasoline and alcohol blends of fuel including E85.
2. This product is NOT recommended for the low pressure side of mechanical fuel pumps.

The 1:1 vacuum reference high flow design has been tested to regulate over 1,400 liters per hour (see MORE DETAILS tab). Two interchangeable orifices are included to match the amount of fuel bypassed for the application. This added precision will resist diaphragm flutter and optimize pressure stability. Furthermore, with the addition of interchangeable return orifices, the regulator is a good match for big to small powered engines. 
Fuel pressure is dialed in using the preload set screw on top.

The integrated 1:1 fuel pulse damper stabilizes fuel pressure created by the fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, fuel injectors, etc. The base pressure requirement for maximum damping efficiency is 40-120psi (2.8-8.3bar). This range is base static pressure only. Any dynamic fuel pressure created by the rising rate FPR outside of this range is acceptable assuming the vacuum/boost reference line is connected.

The inlet (side) port and outlet (bottom) port feature large 10AN ORB (7/8"-14) threaded ports. Two -6AN and two -8AN adapter fittings are included to suit most aftermarket fuel systems. When installing, the O-rings require petroleum oil for lubrication. 
The 1/8" NPT auxilary port can be used for monitoring fuel pressure, temperature, etc.

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