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Radium Engineering Universal Air Oil Separator (AOS-R)

Radium Engineering Universal Air Oil Separator (AOS-R)

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Radium Engineeing Universal catch can kit A high powered modified engine tends to generate excessive blow-by oil and gasses. In these cases, an ordinary small catch can may quickly fill with oil and not be adequate. Like the Radium Engineering Catch Cans, the AOS (Air Oil Separator) kit is responsible for keeping blow-by oil and other pollutants out of the air intake and intercooler (if equipped) systems. The main difference is that an AOS system returns collected oil back into the oil pan so there is no servicing required.

The vent-to-atmosphere air-oil separator has 2 side (inlet) ports. This is great for dual bank engines that have 2 crankcase vent ports. NOTE: For single crankcase vented engines, simply plug one of the inlet ports with Radium Engineering 14-0351. The VTA AOS-R features one giant non-restrictive outlet that is over 183% larger than the inner diameter of the 10AN inlets. This increase in volume slows air flow allowing contaminants to fall out of suspension. Additionally, contaminants are trapped with a diffuser permitting the oil sludge to fall back into the catch can preventing overspray in the engine bay. Furthermore, it is a dual stage design (located in the inlet and outlet). These free flowing chambers do not create any flow restriction.

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