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Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank with Integrated FPR

Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank with Integrated FPR

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Radium Engineering FST-R (Fuel Surge Tank–Regulated) houses a single internal fuel pump and has an integrated fuel pressure regulator machined into the top cap. This eliminates the need for an external fuel pressure regulator along with extra fittings and hoses. This simplifies the installation, reduces overall cost, reduces weight, and eliminates potential leak points in the fuel system. Furthermore, this system permits cooler fuel temperatures as the fuel is not returning from the hot engine bay.

The high-flow regulator is adjustable and features interchangeable orifice sizes with calculated flow diameters to match the fuel pump flow to the regulator. This added precision will resist diaphragm flutter and optimize pressure stability.
The FST-R can be configured with all 39mm fuel pumps from many leading manufacturers.
Ti Automotive E5LM (brushless)
Walbro F90000267
Walbro F90000274
Walbro F90000285
Walbro GSS341
Walbro GSS342
AEM 50-1000
AEM 50-1200
1. There many compatible pump manufacturers not listed.
2. The FST-R is not available in dual-pump configurations.

The newly designed stainless electrical studs easily handle the high current demand that compact multi-pin bulkhead connectors lack. These serviceable connections are hermetically sealed and impervious to all standard and exotic fuels. Non conductive anodized aluminum acorn nuts are provided to prevent any accidental short circuiting. Electrical hardware is included for the fuel pump(s). Furthermore, the in-tank wiring is insulated with high quality chemically resistant ETFE. Relay kits, such as 17-0031, are recommended to drive these new internal fuel pump.
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