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Radium Engineering 03-13 Chevy Corvette Fuel Pressure Regulator Bypass

Radium Engineering 03-13 Chevy Corvette Fuel Pressure Regulator Bypass

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This FPR bypass is necessary if fuel pressure ever drops below the standard 58psi (4bar). This is typical if an adjustable and/or vacuum-referenced fuel pressure regulator is installed in the system.

There are 2 fuel pressure regulators (FPR) found in the Corvette fuel system:
1. The primary OEM FPR is found in the LH saddle bag fuel tank. It regulates fuel pressure to a constant 58psi (4bar). NOTE: If this is still installed in the system, this FPR bypass is not required.
2. The secondary FPR is found in the RH saddle bag fuel tank. It receives the regulated fuel pressure from the primary FPR. The return out of the secondary FPR routes fuel into the venturi jet pump.   

If the primary (aftermarket) FPR is adjusted lower than 58psi (while using the OEM secondary regulator), the required amount of fuel supply through the venturi jet pump will be compromised. If the venturi jet pump does not receive sufficient flow, the crossover fuel transfer to the fuel pump canister will be interrupted. This can lead to premature fuel starvation at the engine.

The Radium Engineering FPR bypass replaces the secondary FPR. It permits any fuel pressure to be dialed in for the engine while keeping the venturi jet pump supplied with ample fuel flow for proper operation. It is required anytime an adjustable FPR is installed.

*Not compatible with vehicles prior to VIN#114930 (Nov 25, 2002)

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