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Radium Electrical Bulkhead Stud Kit 6 Pack

Radium Electrical Bulkhead Stud Kit 6 Pack

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Radium Engineering hermetically sealed bulkhead studs are great for passing high current through a wall or panel. All that is required is a drilled hole. See dimensional requirements below.
This kit includes 6 stud kits. Each electrical conductive stud is custom CNC machined from 304 stainless steel. A special insulating sleeve is included preventing panel conduction and galvanic corrosion. Each ring terminal accepts 10-12 AWG wire. The anodized aluminum nut and heat shrink insulates the exposed areas from accidental shorts. Each stud includes 2 top locking nuts for a reliable connection. The kit is compatible with all fuel types including gasoline, diesel, ethanol, methanol, E85, etc.  Studs, special nuts, ring terminals, nylon acorn nuts, washers and heat shrink are included.
The dimensional requirements below are mandated for proper use: 
Drilled Hole Diameter: 0.220"-0.234" (15/64" drill)
Material Thickness: 0.262"-0.322"

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