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Radium Distribution Block12-10-10-10 With Fittings

Radium Distribution Block12-10-10-10 With Fittings

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SKU: 20-0737

CNC machined 6061 aluminum fuel distribution blocks ensure the most direct path for unrestricted flow. Both distribution blocks features three AN ORB female ports on one side and one larger AN ORB female port on the opposing side. Because the surface is anodized for corrosion resistance, it can be used in all fluids including: alcohol (ethanol/methanol), gasoline, coolant, water, air, oil, etc. 

This block is machined with one 12AN ORB port and three 10AN ORB ports. There are enough fittings to make a 3 into 1 adapter. However, it can be converted to 2 into 1 if the 10AN ORB plug is used as shown below.

The billet block has a nice flat surface which can be mounted using the provided hardware.

-Aluminum Threaded Block (x1)
-12AN ORB to 12AN Male Fitting (x1)
-10AN ORB to 10AN Male Fitting (x3)
-10AN ORB Plug Fitting (x1)
-Stainless M5x0.8mm Bolt (x2)
-M5x0.8mm Flange Nut (x2)

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