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MX5 NA NB Tubular Rear Lower Control Arm set (1x LH, 1x RH)

MX5 NA NB Tubular Rear Lower Control Arm set (1x LH, 1x RH)

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  • Fits all NA & NB models - direct bolt-on.
  • Reduces negative camber by pulling the bottom of the hub inboard - preserving driveshaft CV joint life.
  • Reduces camber gain under compression giving more grip.
  • The tubular design keeps weight down without compromising strength.
  • Fixed threaded boss eliminates the common problem of a captive nut breaking loose in the arm.
  • Powdercoated black.
  • Use OEM fit bushes - Add Powerflex bushes below.

Fast Road - HERE and HERE.

Black Series - HERE and HERE.


  • 1x Rear left lower camber arm.
  • 1x Rear right lower camber arm.


  • Fitting by an experienced mechanic is strongly recommended. Destroy Or Die are not responsible for any damage caused due to incorrect fitting or assembly.
  • Not for road use.

Suggested Alignment:

  • Front:
    • Camber -5
    • Caster 5
    • Toe 0
  • Rear:
    • Camber 0
    • Toe 0
  • Rear toe-in will make for snappier transitions, while front toe-out can aid with turn-in.
  • However, our advice is to learn and experiment with different settings to suit the car, track and driving style.
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