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Turbosmart Kompact Blow Off Valve

Turbosmart Kompact Blow Off Valve

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SKU: TS-0203-1221

Full recirculating BOV.
The Plumb Back system recirculates all excess pressure back into the intake system. Great for enthusiasts who do not want to be noticed but want the performance and reliability benefits of a quality BOV.
Green Spring Rated -15 InHg (installed).
Dual outlet-type BOV.
Dual Port vents both to the atmosphere and back into the air intake. Ports with sequential timing allow quieter operation during everyday driving while getting all the benefits of a vent-to-atmosphere BOV under race conditions. They are easily converted to a complete atmospheric or whole bypass unit using supplied port blanking plug.


Port Blanking Plug
Pink Spring Rated -24 to -14 InHg (installed).

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