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Haltech iC-7 Stand-Alone "Classic" Kit

Haltech iC-7 Stand-Alone "Classic" Kit

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SKU: BF-067014

Coolant Temp Sensor - 1/8 NPT Thread
Please take care when wiring this sensor as incorrect wiring will damage this sensor! All "TI " MAP and Pressure sensors are individually electronically tested before packaging and are sold "as is" and without any further warranty. Returns of opened sensors are not accepted. If you do not accept these terms and conditions please return the unopened sensor in its original packaging for a full refund.
Quick and easy installation of the Haltech iC-7 dash into a Non-EFI Vehicle
Adaptor - Brass 1/8"NPTF to 3/8"NPTF

Haltech iC-7 Stand-Alone "Classic" Kit
Suits: Perfect for old-school hot rods, mechanically injected muscle, carbureted classics and everything in between, the Haltech stand-alone IC-7 Classic kit is ideal for anyone looking to simplify and modernise their analogue gauge setup. Suits carbureted or mechanically injected vehicles and/or vehicles without an ECU.
Includes: 1 x Haltech iC-7 Dash.
1 x iC-7 Semi Terminated Harness.
1 x 1/8 NPT Coolant Temperature Sensor.
2 x 0-150 Psi Fuel/Oil Pressure Sensors.
1 x 3/8NPTF to 1/8NPTF Adaptor.
Size: 7in

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