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Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark

Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark

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For more colours, scroll down and see Markal Security Check Markers

Provide the perfect way to quickly and easily identify the loosening of Nuts, Bolts, Parts and Assemblies either by vibration or tampering.

Marks are easily broken if there is any movement within the part.  The UV Fluorescent Colours are highly visible both with the naked eye and with a UV Light so you can always see the marks clearly, even in dark places!! 

  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Marks break easily if Part moves
  • 5 Fluorescent Colours: Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red
  • Highly visible in ambient light and fluorescent under UV light.
  • Provides warranty protection against tampering.
  • Safe for most surfaces.
  • Each tube contains approx 12 - 13 metres of paste, depending on size of mark (1 x US oz approx 29.5ml)

Manufacturers Part No's:
Yellow - 83317
Red - 83316
Blue - 83318
Green - 83315
Orange - 83314
White - 83319
Pink - 83320
Grey - 83321
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