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Door Stop Bush Kit Mk1 NA/NB

Door Stop Bush Kit Mk1 NA/NB

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SKU: PFF36-607



Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Diagram Position: 12

Number of Bushes Supplied: 2

OEM Number: NA0162681

OEM Number: S08462671A

Range: ROAD Series

Each kit consists of 2x Door Stops The commonly replaced standard rubber door stops soften with age leading to high-speed door rattling, speaker vibration, and a generally frustrating driving experience.Replacing the standard door stops with our Powerflex branded 95A durometer door stops, resolves these NVH-related issues and provides a long-term, fit-and-forget solution.The audio quality from the door-mountedspeakers is also improved due to the reduction of vibration.

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