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AEM Cd-5/7 Carbon Digital Dash Power Cable For Non-Aemnet Equipped Devices

AEM Cd-5/7 Carbon Digital Dash Power Cable For Non-Aemnet Equipped Devices

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SKU: AEM-30-2218

AEM CD-5/7 Carbon Digital Dash Power Cable for Non-AEMnet Equipped Devices

PLEASE NOTE THAT EFFECTIVE MARCH, 2018, CD POWER CABLES ARE INCLUDED WITH EVERY CD DASH KIT. If you purchased a CD Dash prior to this date, you can purchase this cable using the Buy/Instructions tab.

AEM’s CD Power Cable (PN 30-2218) simplifies power and ground connections for the CD Digital Dash Displays for non-AEMnet equipped, 3rd Party device harnesses (CD-5 Carbon and CD-7 Dashes are powered through an AEMnet connection on equipped devices, and do not require a Power Cable). The CD-7 Power Cable connects to the AEMnet connector on the CD-7 wiring harness and includes a pigtail connection with power and ground leads, allowing for CAN connection to 3rd Party devices through the CAN 2 connector on the CD-7 main harness.

The CD-7 Power Cable is designed for 3rd party, CAN-based ECUs, data loggers and devices, and AEMnet devices that do not have an AEMnet connection built into the wiring harness. Most Infinity Plug & Play Adapter harnesses and the EMS-4 Universal Flying Lead Wiring Harness include an AEMnet connection. Users of Series 2 EMS systems may elect to use the CD Power Cable, or purchase an AEMnet Series 2 Adapter Cable for their application to connect the CD-7. For all other 3rd party devices, this harness will make it easy to power the dash.

  • Simplifies power and ground connection for CD-5 Carbon and CD-7 Dashes for non AEMnet equipped harnesses and 3rd Party CAN bus-equipped ECUs, data loggers and devices
  • Connects to AEMnet connector on CD Dash main harness with flying leads for power and ground
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