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AEM 4 Port Aemnet CAN Hub

AEM 4 Port Aemnet CAN Hub

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SKU: AEM-30-2225

AEM 4 Port AEMnet CAN Hub eliminates the need to daisy-chain multiple AEMnet devices together using “Y” cables, which eliminates wiring clutter and keeps everything on the bus organized in one central location. It is possible to connect two 4 Port AEMnet CAN Hubs together to centralize the connection of up to 6 AEMnet devices

AEM’s 4 Port AEMnet CAN Hub is the perfect solution for connecting multiple AEMnet CAN bus-enabled devices together. This convenient Module provides a central docking station for four AEMnet cables via 4-way DTM-style housings and can provide power to all of the connected devices on the Hub through a single port (3A max current capacity – NOT for use to power UEGO sensor heaters). Users can daisy-chain two 4 Port AEMnet CAN Hubs together for a total of 6 connected devices.

AEMnet buses must be properly terminated using termination resistors on each end of the port (120 Ohms each, see Specs tab for AEM Devices with termination resistors). AEM offers DTM-style 4-pin termination plugs that simplify this process if you have a device that does not have an integrated or selectable termination resistor.

The 4 Port CAN hub is IP67-rated and can be installed in the engine compartment. Mounting hardware and instructions are included.

  • Easily connect and power multiple AEMnet CAN devices from a central docking station!
  • Four integrated 4-way DTM-style housings provide reliable AEMnet CAN connections
  • Daisy chain two Hubs to connect six AEMnet Devices
  • Compact enclosure - 3.45” (87.63mm) Long x 1.18” (29.85mm) Tall
  • Safe for engine bay mounting – IP67-rated enclosure
  • Mounting hardware included (two 4-40 x 7/8” flat head screws, two 4-40 x 0.375” washers and two 4-4 x 9/64” Nylock nuts)
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